Lenco L-400 and L-30 fuss-free turntables

Lenco L-30Lenco has just let us know that their L-400 direct drive and L-30 semi-automatic belt-drive turntables are now available in the UK.

Lenco has made a pair of the their keenly-priced vinyl-spinners available in the UK. Both are pretty much ready to play straight out of the box.

Furthermore, both also feature USB ports that enable you to rip your vinyl to a computer.

Lenco L-400

Lenco L-400The Lenco L-400 is a direct drive turntable that comes loaded with an integrated stereo pre-amplifier. This can be switched on or off so can be used whether or not you already have a phono stage. Additionally, this means that you could plug the L-400 directly in to some active/powered speakers. The tonearm comes fitted with an Audio Technica moving magnetic cartridge and it all comes bundled with RCA cables included.

Lenco L-400Further features include settings for 33 RPM and 45 RPM as well as a mechanical arm lift to add for ease of use. Its stylish black and chrome design will suit any environment. For those who want to convert their old record collection to digital files, the L-400 also has as USB cable to connect to a PC making it easy to simply press play and digitise instantly.

Lenco L-30

Lenco L-30The Lenco L-30 Semi-Automatic Belt Drive USB Vinyl Turntable is aimed those starting to explore vinyl, as well as novice DJs, according to Lenco.

Lenco L-30Available in two minimalist designs, wood-finish or black, the L-30’s belt-drive motor is made with premium-grade components to ensure optimal reliability. Also, like the L-400, the L-30 also features a built-in USB port for digitising a vinyl record collection with ease. Furthermore, you also get settings for 33 and 45 RPM records as well as a fitted moving magnetic cartridge (MMC). The L-30 Turntable also boasts an RCA line output for connecting the turntable to external speakers for added flexibility

Finally, the L-30 turntable comes with a dust cover that can be removed for added convenience.

Price and availability

Both turntables are available now. The Lenco L-400 is £199.99 from Amazon. The L-30 is available in black and wood from Amazon for £99.99.