Leica M8 White Get’s Priced – Tag Not as Pretty As Camera

white-leica-m8Alrighty happy snappers!

The Imperial Stormtrooper inspired Leica has an official pricing!

Yup, the very white Leica M8 special edition rangefinder has just had a price tag attached and it aint exactly crunch-friendly! 

The sexy white Leica M8 is sporting the same 10.3MP sensor and body as the latest version of the classic Leica M8.

Unfortunately, like most sexy things, you have a price to pay to be seen with it.

I’m talking big bucks beauty!

The price in Japan is 882,000 yen – so transposed into the coin of the realm you’re talking £6,170 sterling!

With any luck that £500 cashback deal Leica is offering on the Leica M8 will still be in effect when this version arrives on these shores.

It’ll be released in June in Japan – Ah, in time for my birthday 😉