Leica in unholy Playboy and Hello Kitty bunk-up

hello playboy leicaLeica is generally seen as a no-nonsense, top-flight camera and optics brand. It’s also no stranger to putting out expensive limited edition kit. But this will take some time to get over.

This limited edition Leica C, which is basically a rebranded Panasonic LF1, has been touched up by two iconic, yet worlds apart, brands: Hello Kitty and Playboy.

It features a winking Hello Kitty with Playboy bunny ears holding a camera. Nice.

The camera is on sale now at French retailer Colette, alongside a whole range of Hello Kitty x Playboy products including temporary tattoos and iPhone cases.

hello playboy kitty leicaThe limited Leica costs €920 which just happens to be more than twice as much as the Panasonic equivalent – but this one is limited to ten units.

The Japanese kawaii mascot would seem a somewhat inappropriate fit for Hugh Hefner’s soft-porn empire, but the range has been created to mark the 40th and 60th birthdays of Hello Kitty and Playboy, respectively.

Any takers?

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