Leave Airbnb reviews even if did not stay

airbnb logoAirbnb has agreed with the CMA to change its online reviews system. This will allow guests who choose not to stay where they booked to leave reviews.

As part of its ongoing work in relation to online reviews the UK’s primary competition and consumer authority became aware that some Airbnb bookers could not leave reviews.

If you got to where you had booked but chose not to stay there, for whatever reason, you can’t leave a review.

This could lead to others, just like you, being disappointed.

In these cases reviews could only be left with the assistance of Airbnb’s customer services department.

Annoyingly, this would also be the case if you had left early because they were unhappy with the property or the host.


Following enquiries by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Airbnb Ireland UC (‘Airbnb’) offered to change its reviews system.

Furthermore, it has given the CMA a commitment to do this by August 31st this year.

Airbnb new feedback

airbnbGuests will now be able to leave feedback with important information.

This not only includes the suitability of the host or the accommodation, but the reason you chose not to stay (or cut it short). More importantly, you’ll be able to do this regardless of whether you cancelled on the day of check-in or during  your visit.

Gordon Ashworth, CMA Project Director, said:

We were concerned that, if someone cut short their stay, it was too hard for them to leave a review under Airbnb’s existing reviews system and so we are pleased that Airbnb engaged constructively with us and committed to making the necessary changes.”

Do you support these changes? Are you an Airbnb host? How do you feel about it?

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