Leather and Felt Phone – The Feutrefon by Matthias Pugin

feutrefon-feltphone-montageThis is the rather groovy Feutrefon concept phone designed by Matthias Pugin.

Pugin came up with a stylish phone that removes the ugly joints to present your eyeballs with a sleek mobile phone that’s constructed primarily from leather and felt – hence the name: “Feltphone” or “FeutrePhone”.

I’m not sure if there are any other production devices or concepts like this but anything other than a lump of plastic in your hand has got to be good.

When you unfold the phone it goes flat without any noticeable joint between her and lower sections.

The fabric phone is comprised of two main electronic parts, the display and the electronic module that contains the keypad, the battery and the SIM slot.

These two bits are then embedded between a laser-cut felt and a leather cover, while Velcro holds the two parts together.

The keys of the Feltphone shine through the felt, giving it a real funky look – I hope this becomes a reality.

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