Leap Motion gesture controller heading to Best Buy and Asus

Leap Motion releasedDo you remember Leap Motion, the motion gesture controller that is 200 times more accurate than Microsoft’s Kinect? Well, Leap Motion has just announced that it’s partnering with Best Buy to offer customers an exclusive package.

The new Best Buy Exclusive Leap Motion package is expected to be available to pre-order from next month and will finally be available from both the Best Buy website and high street stores, throughout the US.

Once officially launched, the Leap gesture control device will also ship with its own app store.

Leap Motion President and COO Andy Miller stated “They [Best Buy] had been following our progress, and they invited us up to Minneapolis and they got their hands on the Leap Motion, and they decided that this was for them,” he went on to say “They’re a pretty forward-thinking company and we love the way they can tell the story. It’s really about partnering with someone who has the training to show off to potential customers what we can do.”

This announcement follows on from the news that PC manufactures such as Asus who have also adopted the new Leap Motion technology to be included with their flagship systems later this year.

Leap is also expected to be available in Europe and other world wide markets shortly after release. This will most likely be through other partners that have yet to be announced by Leap – I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.

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