Leap Motion gesture control will be in with HP computers this year

leap motion controllerLeap Motion isn’t just going to be a stand-alone product. Following earlier news that the motion-control brand was in talks with Asus and Best Buy, it has just announced a partnership with HP.

This means that, by summertime, you’ll be seeing several HP devices with Leap Motion technology bundled in the box.

The original device was already set for a May launch but this deal will certainly send Leap Motion in to more homes and offices as several HP models will be coming straight out of the box with Airspace (Leap Motion’s app store) already included.

The specifics regarding exactly which desktops and laptops will be buddied with the controller, however, are still at this time unknown.

If you can’t wait or, for whatever reason, not want to buy a new computer then you can pre-order a standalone Leap Motion hardware for £60 or so right now.

We just have to wait and see what CamBoard does next.

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