Leaked BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio Appears in Video Trio

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas – RIM, however have other plans for their BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio. Bellagio happens to be the name of a rather swanky hotel found on Las Vegas Boulevard South.

A clutch of tutorial videos have gone and found themselves on the interweb and it appears that the Bold 9790 Bellagio will be a more wallet-pleasing version of the BlackBerry 9900 which is pictured here.

The three vid clips aren’t giving much away even though promise of an NFC chip and 8GB of internal memory have been alluded to from some sources I would expect it to be loaded with BlackBerry 7 OS being a given.

As this is supposed to be a more cash-conscious 9900 Bold I am guessing that the 1.GHz dual core processor found in the BlackBerry 9900 to be exchanged for a more budget-friendly chip.

It seems odd that there would be a budget BlackBerry named after a hotel in an area where people seem to splash the cash in complete reckless abandon.

Oh well, check out the vids 🙂

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