Layar – The Mobile Augmented Reality App For Android and iPhone

funda_houseLayar is another Augmented Reality app but, because it allows third-party developers to contribute ‘layers’ to their platform, it stands out from the rest such as Kooaba.

You see – most other AR apps pull their data from search engines, Wikipedia or review-based sites.

Layar’s intuative interface has four clear sections that list layers by name and description and you’re able to sort the layers by popularity, search terms and favourites.

These layers are similar to plug-ins that customise your desktop browser.

The Layar augmented reality browser looks at an environment through the phone’s camera and overlays data on top of points of interest such as restaurants, shops and tourist attractions.

Allowing those 3rd parties also has a downside though in the form of some not-so-polished, glitchy layers.

In November, Layar will be further expanding their platform by incorporating a 3D grid into their layers. Developers will be able to build 3D objects and assign actions such as sounds or clicking on the object for a link.

Check out the vid below or just get it for free if you have an iPhone 3Gs (it needs the compass) by clicking here 🙂

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