Latest iPhone 6 pictures and NFC rumour

iphone 6 renderMore news about Apple’s next iPhone seems to have found its way on to the interweblogosphere. Not only the news that the iPhone 6 might pack near field communication (NFC) technology but there’s some rather tasty pics.

Here’s a model of the iPhone 6 which matches previous leaks with its rounder iPad-like design and larger all-aluminium body which will make room for a bigger 4.7-inch screen.

The model also features what appears to be a round, single LED as opposed to the dual two-tone LED present on the iPhone 5s.

There has been no word as to whether Apple has managed to incorporate both a white and amber flash inside this single unit, or whether it will use softer LED in order to retain colour accuracy when taking photos.

iphone-6-render-newsets-1Also worth noting is the side-mounted power button, supporting previous leaks of a button reshuffle.

NFC to hook up Beats?

The news that Apple looks set to introduce NFC for the first time in its mobile devices starting with the iPhone 6. This will mean mobile payments from the iPhone will become possible as well as NFC pairing to speakers like those made by its allegedly newly purchased Beats Audio group.

The rumour of Apple adding NFC to its iPhone 6 comes from a claim that Apple has reached an agreement with China UnionPay, the country’s only domestic bank card organisation.

Not only does this finally add a function that Android phones have long had, but it makes sense as Apple already sells Beats speakers from its site, which uses NFC to pair. So, if they were to make the next raft of iOS devices compatible with them it could mean a double-win if they have indeed bought Beats Audio.

Saying that though, word is that Beats Electronics is thought to have been bought for its music streaming service that rivals Spotify, something Apple apparently wants to compete with more aggressively.