Latest Galaxy S8 rumours

s8 rumoursIt’s been a while since my Galaxy S8 rumor roundup but new reports are coming in thick and fast.

Thanks to The Guardian’s comprehensive report of Samsung leaks I thought it worthwhile going over a few things.

Galaxy S8 choices

The Guardian kicks off with the suggestion that the S8 will be available in two different sizes. The 5-inch and 6-inch handsets, Codenamed ‘Dream’ and ‘Dream 2’ respectively, will feature the company’s new ‘infinity’ display with curved sides and very little bezel.

Citing not one, but a pair of shadowy insiders, the publication claims the screen will stretch right to the edges of the body.  This is expected to leave hardly any space on the front to slap Samsung’s logo or brand name at the front.

galaxy s8 maybeWhile the S8 will feature a front-facing biometric iris sensor, the fingerprint scanner will purportedly move to the rear side of the device. Personally, I think the rear is the optimal place for these scanners.

Cameras, chips and Bixby

These unnamed sources also back up the  earlier rumours that the device will pack an S7-like ‘duo pixel’ camera. Expect a boost in image-capturing capabilities.

It will also sport the upgraded Snapdragon 835 processor, which Qualcomm developed in collaboration with the South Korean phone-maker itself.

samsung-galaxy-s8-bixby-assistantThe Galaxy S8 will also likely introduce Samsung’s long-rumored voice-enabled virtual assistant Bixby. As we’ve already seen, this will support effortless mobile payments as well as other convenience-oriented functions. The report isn’t ruling out the possibility Google Assistant might also land on the device.

I’m alright, Jack

The Guardian’s loose-lipped contacts cast further doubt on those rumors that suggested the S8 could be axing the headphone jack.

Galaxy S8 headphone jackI am not 100% that Sammy will be pulling an Apple/HTC just yet. If I was a betting man, I’d say that they’ll keep the port this time around.

Galaxy S8 computer

I’ve saved the best til last. What really got my attention is that Samsung might indeed be moving forward with its desktop-like functionality. The intention of which is to offer users a truly PC-experience straight from their smartphones.

This feature will ultimately allow S8 owners to plug their device in to a monitor – as well as other peripherals like a mouse and a keyboard – for an improvised desktop experience.

Samsung Galaxy S8 latest rumours reflection

As with all rumours, we are relying on the assumption that the sources are trustworthy. On the whole though, these latest tidbits certainly seem to corroborate much of what has been doing the rounds.

Does this make them real, or just that the rumourmongers are staying consistent? I will leave that to your judgement.

Word is that we can expect Samsung to announce the new Galaxy S8 in late March, with the official launch slated for mid-April.