Last.Fm Android Application – CHOOONZ!

lastfmandroidI love Last.Fm – It knows my tastes better than me!

If you’re already on there feel free to hit me up here 🙂

I have the app installed on my iPhone, of course, and since last week launched its music application on the new Google Android platform.

Features of the Android application include similar artists and genre-specific streaming radio stations, personalised streaming radio, concert information and the ability to track the listening habits of users to the users profile.

Android users can download the application right now from the Android Market.

A new feature for the application is Background Playback feature that lets a user continue to stream music while they access another application on the phone.

You can also get gig info, and if that favorite band is playing locally, you can get directions to the venue where they’re playing.

Access to on-the-go versions of personal music profiles is offered along with links to the Charts and artist pages.

You know you wanna 🙂