Last Night Never Happened – Morning After Pill for Your Drunken Updates

Those who go drinking with me will know that I enjoy a few boozy pops of a night – and, as you could probably guess, I like to regularly update my Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, et al at regular points of the day and night.

Booze and status updates could, potentially, see the likes of me coming unstuck in one way or another.

So, as easy as sprinting to Flickr and Facebook to delete those incriminating pics, there’s an app that will remove all those updates for you.

Last Night Never Happened is an app that will happily remove your drunken Twitter and Facebook updates from when you started talking jibberish and telling everyone what you’d do to the hot temp – who you recently added to your social network.

Unfortunately LNNH will not delete the evidence taken by stunned colleagues who photographed your impromptu strip in Burger King – neither will it delete all those texts and emails you sent during those moments you felt bullet-proof and profound 😉

Last Night Never Happened costs £1.19 on the App Store and is available now (thankfully) – what price is pride?

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