Last chance for revolutionary GigBlade gig bag pre-order deal

gigbladegigbladeIt has been a while since I’ve been excited by something that’s actually useful. Sure, amps, cabs and basses will always getting me wanting but a gig bag? Really? But the GigBlade from Gruv Gear is no ordinary bag.

Carrying your bass or guitar from one gig to another can be awkward and sometimes, quite literally, a right pain in the neck but the GigBlade is different.

It is a side-carry bag that slips over your shoulder, so you don’t have to do that little shuffle-dance like when throw on a regular backpack style bag.

Also, the top doesn’t stick up and above you to stop you in your tracks when going through low doorways, under trees, getting on to trains and buses… we’ve all been there, right?

The GigBlade stays by your side, so you can walk naturally. You can wear it on left or right shoulder as well as having the options to wear it like a traditional backpack if you so desire.

GigBladeI’ve opted for the Black and Orange bass GigBlade and the extra weather cover – well, I live in the UK and been wet through too many times not to take Jay and the gang up on this deal.

Go over and get yours at a special rate in the next few hours whilst the deals are still there!

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