Lark will Enhance Your Bedtime Performance

You probably already know that we all sleep in waves and that when your alarm goes off in the morning it doesn’t take into consideration that you were in the middle of an awesome dream – it also doesn’t care that it will wake you and anyone else within earshot. This is where the Lark comes in.

Lark wants to change the way you are brought out of your slumber – rather than with a jarring ring-tone or old skool bell alarm the Lark wakes you silently.

The Lark system consists of a wrist band, charging dock and an App for your iOS device (an Android App will be available in the future).

You simply set the alarm on your iOS device and, when it’s time to get up, the wrist-band will vibrate and wake you up quietly so as not disturb your bedmate or the rest of the building.

Don’t worry; if the battery happens to die during the night or you unstrap the wrist-band the Lark has an audio back-up.

OK – a silent alarm clock. Great. But as well as that the Lark will monitor your movements during your sleep and provide you with details such as: how long it took you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up, how long you slept and the quality of that sleep. The info is gathered thanks to the micromovement wrist sensor which has been developed to pick up patterns while you sleep.

You can even be coached to achieve better sleep. As well as being able to look back at your 7 day sleep assessment you can use the ‘sleep coach’ software. This was developed by sleep and pro sports experts and will activate and track goals on your iPhone whilst giving you tips and reminders.

Lark costs $99 or $159 with the personal sleep coach bundle.

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