Lanmodo Pro – the 4 season tent for you and your car

Lanmodo ProI have received an email about the Lanmodo Pro. The header stated that this is a “four-season car tent”. Well, that caught my attention.

The Lanmodo Pro provides all-in-one vehicle protection; ensuring shelter from intense weather and temperatures of up to 140° Fahrenheit.

I will admit, I get notified about so many crowdfunding campaigns that most get deleted unless they a) look like a viable product b) I’d be tempted to pledge c) it looks like a product that solves an actual problem.

Well, this falls in to two of those categories with a flexible, “maybe” for the third.

Additionally, I like that this not only protects your car, but can also do the same for people. Furthermore, it can charge devices with a USB connection such as smartphones, cameras, and tablets. Users can also plug in LED lights, thanks to an in-built lithium-ion battery.

Sleek and Strong

Lanmodo ProMade of a strong fiberglass base, it is designed to withstand wind speeds up to 30mph. It also protects from inclement weather including hail and snow.

A reflective polyester film protects against extreme heat to keep the vehicle up to 97° Fahrenheit cooler on hot days. This 15 foot tent is large enough to protect sedans, trucks, SUVs, dune buggies, motorcycles and more.

Hassle-free setup

Lanmodo ProForget bulky, complicated car covers. The Lanmodo Pro is user-friendly with its remote control system and anti-theft straps. A powerful suction base and wind ropes keep it secure no matter the weather.

The initial installation takes just 30 seconds, and it will automatically fold and unfold in only eight seconds.

It looks pretty well designed for portability and appears to be lightweight and compact enough to pack in the boot when not in use.

It can be recharged via the 12v car power outlet in five hours or a wall outlet in three hours.

All-In-One Travel Companion

lanmodo transformsLanmodo has created a range of versatile add-ons, such as additional flaps to create an outdoor canopy, or a stand to transform it into an umbrella.

It also keeps your devices charged while on the move with the in-built power source with USB port.

Gaby Lee, Lanmodo’s CEO, explains:

We wanted to create something strong and versatile for a car of any size to be protected in harsh and everyday climates.”

Price and availability

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign kicks off on 20 March with a target of $10,000 to put the device into mass production.

It has an SRP of $499 and comes with one year warranty.


  • Size: 15.8 feet x 7.8 feet
  • Package size: 34.2 inches x 9.4 inches x 9 inches
  • Motor: Brush motor
  • Rated motor power: 10w
  • Working currency: 1A
  • Current limit: 3.5A
  • Maximum power: 1000N
  • Battery: 18650 lithium battery
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 2200m/AH
  • Standard charging current: 1A
  • Maximum discharge current: 3A
  • Working hours: One charge (45 days)
  • Car charger charging voltage: 12V
  • Full charge by car charger: 5 hours
  • Wall charger charging voltage:
  • Full charge by wall charger: three hours
  • USB output: 5V
  • Structure: Fiberglass, metals
  • Fiberglass tensile strength: 6.3~6.9g/d
  • Connector: Plastic
  • Canopy: 210D 16X19
  • Water Pressure: 350Mpa
  • Stand: 304 stainless steel
  • Sucker suction: 70KG +
  • Working environment: -40°C~60°C
  • Warranty: One year