LaCie Sphere designer hard drive can’t tell the future

lacie sphereLaCie have never been ones to follow convention where their external hard drives are concerned. They’ve long realised that, just because they’re a basic utility, they don’t have to look like they are. Here’s their latest, called the LaCie Sphere.

LaCie have been responsible for some of the most desirable external hard drives to appear over the last few years. How often do you even see those words, desirable and hard drive, in the same sentence?

Last year LaCie announced the limited-edition Blade Runner hard drive created in partnership with designer Philippe Starck after their previous collaboration a few years earlier.

This year it’s introducing a new Christofle-designed hard drive, the 1TB LaCie Sphere.

lacie sphere macPlated in silver and polished to a high shine, the Sphere resembles a customised high-end Nexus Q crossed with a fortune-telling instrument albeit with a few tastefully unobtrusive logos engraved on the side.

At the bottom of the device you’ll find a single USB 3.0 cable which connects and powers the hard drive, with a blue status light set into the base.

All of this is undeniably classy and will be fitting for any designer office, but it comes at a premium.

The LaCie Sphere will launch later this quarter at $490.

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