LaCie Little Big Disk ‘First’ with Thunderbolt Powered Storage

It never rains..

First the new Apple MacBook Pro stands proud as the first to incorporate Intel’s new Thunderbolt high-speed interface, then rumour that the Nikon D4 DSLR will be hooked up using the super speedy connector and, just to prove that Apple hasn’t got exclusivity on the powerful port, Lacie has come forward with the announcement of the Lacie Little Big Disk.

The new Lacie Little Big Disk has apparently been “brought to market with collaboration from Apple” and is there to take all your large audio and video archives so that you can transfer and retrieve in super-quick time 🙂

“Thunderbolt technology is a breakthrough in I/O technology and represents the future of mobile computing. Soon you will be able to carry workstation-class power and functionality in compact devices,” said Philippe Spruch, chairman and general manager, Lacie. “LaCie is excited to be one of the first to deliver Thunderbolt technology with the LaCie Little Big Disk.”

The Little Big Disk has been pencilled in for Summer 2011 so the ‘first’ title is a bit of a grey area as there’ll probably others available before then. But, it’s the first I’ve heard announced so I’m willing to give them that 😉

Prices will be revealed nearer to release I guess.

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