LaCie Funky Flat Cables

LaCie FlatsRegular readers here will have seen LaCie team up with a range of designers; Neil Poulton and Phillipe Starck spring instantly to mind.

Well, the design lead LaCie has given another makeover to something you take for granted – your puter cables.

Now they’re flat and colourful so now you can unplug without having to trace the spaghetti of wires to their source before crossing your fingers and yarking out the cable.

The LaCie cables are more than just a collection of lookers.

That flat design makes them easier to coil and less likely to get tangled – although with my other flat cables (SCART, etc) threading them around corners and such does create a minor issue.

You can get this funky cables in several USB configurations, Firewire and eSATA.

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