Kyub mini maker synth with feather touch and accelerometer

Kyub-3D-MIDI-KeyboardSynth fans, there’s a new open sourced instrument called Kyub it looks pretty cool.

This new open source midi keyboard kit called the Kyub (pronounced cube) offers users a feather touch three-dimensional midi keyboard complete with accelerometers and other neat stuff.

The Kyub has been designed as a kit that can be assembled at home by just about anyone and is equipped with an internal accelerometer that allows the volume of each note to be precisely controlled to enhance your musical creativity.

Kieth Baxter, the guy behind the Servo Electric Guitar, is part of Kyub Music the creators of the Kyub midi keyboard. They have taken to Kickstarter to crowd found the development of their new musical instrument.

The Kyub is a maker friendly, open source MIDI keyboard that provides a new window to musical performance. Capacitive sensing gives the Kyub extremely sensitive action and an internal accelerometer allows the volume of each note to be precisely controlled for versatile musical expression. You can attach multiple Kyubs to a computer synthesizer or digital audio workstation for solo play, jamming with friends, or composition.

If you want to know more or actually pledge and help Kyub become a reality, head over to the page.

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