Kvart & Bølge SoundSommeliers speakers can fade in to the background or hit you in the face

kvart and bolge speakersAfter meeting the very impressive chameleonic Series 5 speakers from Linn, which can be wrapped in a variety of patterned materials, I am releaved to see a company doing something similar but at a much more pocket-friendly price point. Here are the SoundSommeliers from Kvart & Bølge.

Kvart & Bølge might not be a company name who leaps straight to mind when discussing Hi-Fi gear but I have happened upon their website after a friend sent me a link.

The first thing that struck me was the speaker names: Day of the Dead, Roaring Coyote, being the ones that leaped out at me. That, and the fact that you can design your own!

The SoundSommeliers are not only available in a range of modern finishes, as well as the more classical wood grains, but their price is much less than I was expecting with the site quoting $350.

kvart and bolge custom speakers
The Kvart & Bølge SoundSommeliers floor standing speakers are 4-inches wide, 6-inches deep, and 33-inches tall and weigh a mere 13 pounds. These vital statistics are great news for the likes of me and the other music lovers who lived in tiny homes in the UK capital. Yes, it would be great to have the space and money to invest in some Wilson Audio sound slingers but, for most of us, that will always remain a dream.

The slender silhouette of the SoundSommeliers are partly atributed to ditching the usual woofer and tweeter set-up.

These speakers instead employ a Tymphany neodymium driver to handle all of the frequencies. This unusual approach is said to still deliver surprisingly fine results. It would be interesting to hear how these speakers handle the treble and bass ranges from such a design.

I am definitely intrigued by these speakers and would love the opportunity to test them out with my own system.