Kronos Pro turntable, Reference Phono Stage, SCPS-1 – KJ West One

kronos pro armboard kjwestoneIt was Strictly Vinyl time again at KJ West One. At this even we were treated to the awe inspiring Kronos Pro.

KJ West One also displayed the “more affordable” Kronos turntable, the Sparta.

The Sparta is an amazing piece of engineering in its own right, but I was here for the Pro.

Kronos Pro Turntable

The Kronos Pro is an extremely high-end suspended-type turntable.

If you are an audiophile with around £38,000 to spend on just the turntable alone, then here is the deck for you.

As well as it being a testament to Kronos head-honcho Louis Desjardins’ skill and vision, what separates the Kronos Pro from the rest of the pack is its second platter.

This secondary platter spins at exactly the same speed, but in the opposite direction to the main platter. This cancels out any torsional forces created by that primary platter.

kronos pro demo rig - Wilson Acoustics - Naim - kjwestoneThe rig at KJ West One was fitted with a Black Beauty tone arm fitted to the deck by the new carbon fibre arm board.

Joining the turntable in the Kronos Pro rack was the new Kronos Reference Phono Stage and SCPS-1 power supply. Naturally, the rack, SCPS-1 and Reference Phono stage are cost extras. As is the Black Beauty tonearm.

It looks and sounds amazing.

For my full impression of this remarkable set-up, head on over to Hifi Pig.

In the meantime, here’s a video, albeit a bit blurry, of Louis demonstrating what that second platter spinning in the opposite direction of the main one brings to the party.

[youtube id=”rlH0AVXdWAg”]

Here are some snaps. Beautiful, ain’t it?