Kozmophone – first modular gramophone record player packing holograms

kozmpohone black on tableThis year marks the 140th anniversary of the phonograph, the brainchild of prolific inventor and original scratch master, Thomas Edison. Now, Kozmophone wants to help mark this in its own, extremely modern way.

M.C. Eddy, as I’d like to think he’d want to be known, would no doubt recognise the Hi-Fi turntables spinning in many homes still today. Basically they are all still spinning disks with needles tracking grooves.

Although, I am not sure if he would be ready for the hologram-packing modular design of Kozmophone.

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The Kozmophone is a new modular speaker and turntable concept. It shares Edison’s horn-style speaker design while also adding modern day touches.

kozmophone coloursHere you get the choice of 6 eye-catching colour options – possibly garish to Thom’s eyes.

The detachable and portable horn speaker element becomes a multi-use speaker and, of course Bluetooth connectivity and playback.

That’s all very ‘now’ but hardly unexpected, apart from the detachable speaker. But, the Kozmophone as something rather Kozmic up its sleeve.


We’ve seen portable record players before. Whether they go the platter-less route or the classing ‘suitcase’ with in-built speakers, they all have their issues.

kozmophone modularKozmophone, however, has gone the modular route.

I can see that the trumpet/Bluetooth speaker is detachable, but I am not sure how much further it breaks down.

The base looks pretty thin so will be able to slip in to a laptop bag, by the looks of things.


Yup, you read that right. Holograms.

Granted, this is a tad gimmicky but still pretty cool, right?

kozmophone hologramThe holographic display sits inside the player’s main cylinder housing.

The Kozmophone designers promise the ability for users to choose from a selection of holographic animations to accompany playback. I like the concept, hopefully reality will be just as sweet.

More details

kozmophone whiteInformation regarding duration, resolution, or complexity of those holographic images are currently unavailable. However, the campaign does show images of flying notes, dancers, and a silhouette of a drummer as examples.

[amazon_link asins=’B01IF2MCBY’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’gadgnews-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=”]An option to upload your own video or animated loop to be converted into an holographic accompaniment would be awesome.  Perhaps one for the design team to take onboard?

It would also be a good thing if you had the option for stereo horns too.

I could see this appearing on hipster tables, perhaps not one for the more serious music-lover.

Price and availability

The Kozmophone Kickstarter is now live.

Early Bird discounts means that you can nab one for $279!

You can get more insight via their website.