Koss Porta Pro limited editions

porta pro black goldI have had a couple sets of the Koss Porta Pro. These headphones have reached iconic status in many circles. Now they are available in two limited edition colour-ways.

My Porta Pros have always been the Blue/Silver version. These on-ear headphones are virtually identical to their 1984 ancestors.

They are lightweight, incredibly comfortable and sound great.

It was the AKG K450 that broke my cycle of replacing Koss with Koss.

Koss Porta Pro special colours

If you don’t want to look like an 80s time traveler though, the good news is that Koss has released two limited edition colours to bring the Porta Pros up-to-date. Kinda.

Those colours are Rhythm Beige and Black Gold.

Rhythm Beige replaces the black plastic components with new, retro beige ones.

porta pro black gold and rhythm beigeBlack Gold has taken all the metallic parts and sprayed them in gold.

Other than the new colour options, the limited edition Prota Pros also add an inline remote to the cable. This is usually only offered on the more expensive Porta Pro KTC model.

Otherwise they are the same as the originals, offering the same great sound and adjustable “ComfortZone” pressure levels for the ear pads that make the Porta Pros.

As of this week, Koss is selling both limited edition colours on Amazon, as well as the Koss website.

Koss Porta Pro special edition price and availability

The limited edition headphones can be yours in the US of A for $59.99 each.

As you may have already noticed, the price is in US dollars. I have reached out to Koss to find out if there are any plans for the UK to get these. I will let you know as soon as I hear something.

Would you want them if you could get them though?