Koss Porta Pro classics cut chord

koss porta pro bluetoothHave you ever tried the classic Koss Porta Pro headphones? Now they are even better for being wireless.

I have enjoyed owning a set of Porta Pros a few times over the years. It is still outstanding that these lightweight, comfortable ear-pleasers still rank so highly even though they remain unchanged since they first hit the shelves 34 years ago.

Well, that’s all set to change as Koss have cut the chord.

Koss Porta Pro wireless

koss porta pro wirelessThe lasting popularity of the Porta Pro is testament to their quality. However, a change has finally been forced upon Koss with the shift away from headphone jacks on smartphones.

Koss Porta Pro limited edition

So, in order to enable more people to enjoy them, we welcome the Porta Pro Wireless which has been released today.

koss porta pro wireless foldedEverything about their design above the wire is identical to the classic headset. You get the same soft foam pads, same collapsible design with extensible metal headband, and the same blue highlights. I should imagine, the same degree of lasting comfort.

In addition, you now get Bluetooth 4.1 (with AptX) connectivity, a remote control with microphone, and 12-hour battery integrated into the cable.

Price and availability

The new wireless Porta Pro are available direct from Koss for $79.99.