Koss CC01 Earbuds Have Screw Adjustable Lug Comfort Built-in

koss-cc01I’m not a huge fan of earbuds but I am a huge fan of Koss.

I like the idea of Koss’s new CC_01 earbuds.

They’ve replaced those easily-lost foam or rubber tips with an expandable and contractable system.

In other words, just turn the metal screw top on the back of the ‘buds, and the tips will adjust to fit.

Koss products have served me well, and anyone that knows me will testify that I’m generally wired up to music and all my headphones and earphones have a lot to put up with.

I’ve found Koss stuff pretty reliable and pretty low-cost – but I was a bit shocked to see that these buds are gonna be costing around $150.

The Koss CC_01 will be available this March.