Korg Kaossilator – Pocket Sample Synth Studio

kaossilatotThe Kaos pad has been used by people such as Radiohead to manipulate live samples and generally mess around with sounds.

It’s a groovy tool/instrument but is a tad on the expensive side if you just wanted to have a play-thing.

But now you can get your hands on a Korg Kaossilator portable synth for about £70-80 less.

With this pocket synth nowhere will be safe when you get that flash of inspiration!

The Kaossilator is a practically a mini-music studio, requiring no previous experience and essentially next to no skill.


It comes filled with samples covering every instrument imaginable, all you need to do is choose the ones you want – then by using the touchscreen to control the pace and pitch of your new groove you are away!

You can also chuck in a handful of effects just to twist it a bit more.

You can listen to the creation on your cans or whack it through the PA rig 🙂

Battery or mains powered and small enough to fit into your pocket, you can pick up the Korg Kaossilator now for £149.95 from Firebox or Amazon.

I’ve slung this one in my Wants list for sure!