Kooaba – Augmented Reality app For iPhone and Android

iphone-dvd-montageTearing out pages, piling them up on a dusty stack of paper, and having difficulties finding them again belongs to the past. Now, smartphone users have the possibility to collect interesting print articles by just taking a picture of them with kooaba’s mobile application (currently available for iPhone and Android).

Using kooaba on your mobile gives you instant product information. Take a picture of a DVD cover for example, and receive trailers and reviews. Or shop for the cheapest prices directly on your phone.

This works also for CD covers, Game Covers and Movie posters. For the best experience Kooaba recommend their applications for the iPhone and Android, but you can also use the service with other phones via MMS, e-mail or J2ME client software.

After the picture has been taken and transmitted, Kooaba’s image recognition tech comes into play: it recognises the article from the users picture and returns the full original electronic version of the page. The page is also automatically added to the user’s online collection on www.kooaba.com. This online collection – in contrast to the traditional stack of paper – takes no physical space, it is neatly
organised, and it is easily searchable using full-text search.

Moreover, kooaba offers additional features such as rating, recommending, and a list of links to related digital content such as images, videos, music, games, etc.

At the TechCrunch50 DemoPit, kooaba demonstrated the new solution in cooperation with Wired Magazine using the example of the magazine’s September issue.

Get it here for the iPhone for free 🙂

Check out the video below!

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