Kongregate Arcade Hands Android Free Games

If you’re rocking an Android handset and looking to get your game on the Market seems to have empty shelves compared to your iPhone toting buddies.

Well, cheer up Google OS gaming friends – Kongregate Arcade has announced it’s coming to Android.

Kongregate Arcade was generally associated with browser/web-based gaming before being bought by GameStop.

Kongregate says it’s brought over 300 flash-based games for Android users to download, as well as other parts of the service such as achievements, game ratings and the ability to comment.

The Kongregate Arcade service is a downloadable Android app which will be updated weekly.

Jim Greer, CEO of Kongregate said: “In creating the Kongregate Arcade, we wanted to solve the game discovery problem that all Android owners have shared”

A major bonus to the already great news that Kongregate will be adding loads more games to the Android Market is that all of the games, at least now, are totally free 🙂

All you need now is Android 2.2 (or more if you like showing off), Flash 10.1 and an interweb hook-up to download most of the titles – some will allow for running offline.

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