Kodak ESP 9 Prints Directly From Your Blackberry, iPad or iPhone

The new Kodak ESP 9 is an all-in-one printer that will do such things as scan, fax, copy and print – Ooooo…. it’s also Wi-Fi enabled!

Errrrrrrr……….. yeah, I reckon we’ve all seen/owned/have one of those.

Hey – but this one has neat dashboard that you navigate with buttons and a touchscreen…. Ok – see above eh?

To take things one step further, Kodak offers the free Kodak Pic Flick application, which allows users to print images directly from a Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad directly to Kodak Wi-Fi enabled printers. You simply flick through your pics, select which you want to send and there you go. A lot easier than emailing yourself the snap in question.

The Kodak ESP 9 is capable of churning out colour docs at 30ppm and b&w versions at 32ppm.

The printer costs £180 directly from Kodak and the Pic Flick app is free 🙂

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