Kno What – This Dual Screened Beauty is the “Most Powerful Tablet” Yet

If Toshiba’s Libretto wasn’t enough to tempt you how about “the most powerful tablet anyone has ever made” (according to investor Marc Andreessen)?

The Kno has just had a $46m cash injection and talk of release by the end of the year!

Twin 14.1-inch capacitive IPS touchscreens anyone? 28.2 glorious inches – imagine that! 🙂

This will probably be the best option now that Microsoft’s Courier project got canned 🙁

The Kno purrs along using a Tegra 2 chip with 16GB of storage and the company’s CEO Osman Rashid claims it’ll cost under $1,000!

That seems a tad steep; especially as Toshiba’s Folio rocks the same chip and will cost £329 for the Wi-Fi only version ($508).

Kno wants to offer college textbooks through an app store, which will allow them to draw on the pages and take notes like a lot of the e-Readers do these days.

Hang on – students paying $1,000 for a tablet? They refuse to pay £3 for a pint!

It looks good and I wouldn’t mind giving it a go but I reckon the price needs to drop for it to be taking seriously.

What do you think?

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