K’Nex Helps You Enjoy the Roller Coaster Thrill in Your Home

If, like me, you take a lot of convincing (and bourbon) to get on the latest breed of big-dippers then this could be your gadgety answer.

K’Nex will be launching a roller coaster set later this year and it will include a webcam so you can watch the ride from the comfort of your chair whilst eating chips and drinking cola without the danger of covering yourself and everyone else in food.

The extremely cool looking set will apparently take you “a number of hours to build” even has a motor driven pulley system that drags your car up to the top of the peak before releasing it to plummet through a number of banks, turns and, of course, a loop the loop! 🙂

Once it has finished its course you can either set it off again or shove the car into your puter via a USB cable and transfer the 640×480 video footage ready to share on YouTube.

Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam if you wanna go faster!!!!!!!!!!!!

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