Klipsch Light Speakers – Wireless Light Bulb and Speaker Combo Plugs into Light Fittings

The future is now!

Who hasn’t dreamed that they could do away with speakers that clutter the floor or wall but still have music piped into every room?

Well, the Klipsch LightSpeakers could be for you my friend.

These speakers screw into your light fittings and before you say: “Great; I get sound but no light” these also pack LEDs!

The LightSpeakers fit 5 and 6 inch screw light fixtures so you can replace the usual bulbs you use with a set of these Klipsch ones, which will last for 40,000 hours – or there abouts.

They can even be dimmed for those more moody moments.

Sound comes thanks to a 20 watt 2.5 inch wide dispersion driver.

The LightSpeaker kit comes with a transmitter, which connects to a PC, CD player or iPod and sends the audio to as many as eight of the light bulbs with two separate zones.

For two LightSpeakers, transmitter, remote and the necessary cables cost $599 and then it’s $249 per extra LightSpeaker.

These curious things will be available at the end of the month.

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