Klingon Keyboard – It Is A Good Day To Blog!

cherry-klingonIt is a good day to type!

If you’re full of honor and not afraid to die and enjoy a good battle song; why not write one on the Cherry Keyboard’s Klingon Language keyboard?

All you need is a PS/2 port and an understanding of Klingon and away you go!

Fortunately the Klingon alphabet has 26 characters – if it hadn’t those clever-clogs over at Cherry would have had to redesign the keyboard to allow for the extra or the lack of characters/letters/whatever.

The same 26 characters as the English language. Coincidence? I’m sure that there is an explaination.

If you want to learn more about the language why not hop over to the KLI (Klingon Institute of Linguistics)?

All together now: tlhIngan maH!

Cherry Keyboards via BBG