KitVision Evolve action cam compact extension pole and tripod review

KitVision Evolve extending grip and tripod


Build quality











  • Lightweight
  • Positioning options
  • Concealed tripod
  • Good grip
  • Compact


  • Might not take the knocks
  • Easy to make unstable

kitvision evolve handle modeHere is an interesting offering from KitVision. The Evolve Extension Pole with Tripod is an ultra versatile camera gadget that can be used in 3 different ways: an extension arm, short grip, or tripod. I’ve been sent one to review, so let’s take a look shall we?

The KitVision Evolve is a very lightweight and compact add-on for your GoPro, ISaw, Rollei-type action cameras and it is designed to make getting the perfect shot a little easier.

But does it?

KitVision Evolve extension pole and tripod design

The Evolve is a very clever idea and packs up to a very compact 190mm. This means that storing it away in a rucksack or camera bag should be really easy.

The black plastic used in the Evolve feels very light, in fact the whole thing only weighs 205g. It’s not the sturdiest plastic I have held in my hands, but in no way is it the most brittle. KitVision says that it can take cameras weighing up to 500g.

kitvision evolve extensionThe handle grip feels good to hold and the articulations all move freely when being adjusted and stay in position when tightened.

The folding arm can be positioned in a variety of positions to allow you to achieve the perfect shooting angle, whether it’s capturing a video of yourself or inverting the arm to create a low shooting effect when recording friends at the skate park.

Fully extended the Evolve is 508mm when it rears to its full height.

You can remove the folding arm so that you can create a short camera grip for a sturdier hold.

kitvision evolve handle tripodThen there’s more – giving the Evolve its extra skill is a miniature tripod hidden within the handle.

The KitVision Evolve’s tripod can be screwed into the base of the Evolve Extension Pole to create a large tripod, or removed and attached directly to your action camera.

KitVision Evolve extension pole and tripod performance

The Evolve comes with an attachment screw and the teeth accepted the mounts of the ISaw Edge action camera without any fuss.

Everything tightened up nicely and feels quite balanced when just using it as a monopod/ extended grip. The included wrist strap is a very handy addition and did stop the camera from meeting the floor when I wasn’t concentrating (booze isn’t always the answer, apparently).

kitvision evolve tallBringing the tripod in to play made things a lot more interesting.

The thin spindly legs, for me, should go wider in order to give the Evolve a more stable base as this thing can get quite tall and, if you’re not careful when unfurling the arm, quite easy to overbalance.

kitvision evolve swan neckThat said, with a little common sense, you should be able to get your camera in the right position without to much grief.

kitvision evolve overheadPersonally, I think that the Evolve could come in very handy when recording my unboxing as an overhead cam.

KitVision Evolve extension pole and tripod review conclusion

There is no doubt that the KitVision Evolve is a handy thing to have with you when you’re off being extreme.

The extendable and adjustable pole makes getting otherwise awkward shots really easy. Throw in the added benefit of a concealed tripod and then you must surely be on to a winner.

kitvision evolve stubbyMy only concern is that where people usually take action cams might prove to be a little too rugged for the little feet of the Evolve. But, only time will tell.

If you were considering something similar for twice the money – I’d say the KitVision Evolve might just do all you want it to and leave you some beer money in your pocket too!

KitVision Evolve extension pole and tripod price and availability

You can buy the KitVision Evolve now for £44.99 from