KITTY DAC modular headphone amp looks purrfect

kitty dac modulesUK-based Speakertec has created a new pocket headphone amplifier called the KITTY DAC. What separates this from other head-amps is that it is modular.

The KITTY DAC offers a new choice in portable headphone amps. Litter-ally. 😉

What you have here is a Parker portable amplifier that can take interchangeable DAC modules.

This, in essence, provides you with a “swiss army knife for travelholic audio connoisseurs”.

Well, that’s what they say anyhow.


kitty dac sizeIn addition to the choice of DAC modules, including the ES9018Q2C, ES9038Q2M from ESS Technology, AK4452VN from Asahi Kasei Microdevices, and CS43198 from Cirrus Logic, it has some neat features.

The volume rocker is edge mounted for easy one-finger volume tweaking.

Also, all interfaces are located on the same side for clutter free routing. Tiny, flexible cable interconnects for pocketability.

kitty dac modules rangeFur-thermore, KITTY is plug-and-play. It will play nice with Mac (OSX 10.6.4+), PC (Windows 10.0.15+), iOS (10.3.3+) and Android (6.0.1+).

Earlier Windows versions are supported via a provided driver.


Yes, I hate that word too. However, KITTY DAC, in theory, will have the lowest degree of obsolescence vs. investment, thanks to its modularity.

Naturally, this all depends on how many get behind this plan.

Price and availability

Prices start at £279 for the Early Bird offer over on the Kickstarter page.

Delivery is pegged for May 2018.