Kit Power Banks review – one fits your keyring and one reads SD cards

Kit Powerbanks review shotPower banks are just like insurance policies. Perhaps not the sexiest way to spend money and, chances are, they’ll sit there unnoticed. But, when you need one – POW! – all of a sudden it’s money well spent.

I’ve been sent a pair of these useful bits of tech by the lovely people at Kit. One is the highly portable keyring Power Bank and the other is a more standard unit that has a neat additional function.

Kit Keyring Power Bank review

I’m kicking off this review with the take everywhere, hang from your keychain version because it looks pretty neat and it’s, well, greener than the other one.

kit keyringThis power bank is mostly based around that neat design. It has been built to be compact enough for you to carry around wherever you go and comes with a little hole ready for you to thread your keyring through.

Kit Keyring Powerbank undersideThe keyring power bank comes packing its own built-in micro USB cable which allows it to squirt juice to your smartphone or tablet from its Li-PO cell reserve of 450mAh. To recharge the Powerbank just plug in its integral USB connector to your computer.

With the Kit Keyring Power Bank there is no longer an excuse for not calling because your phone has run out of charge.

The Kit Keyring Power Bank is available now for £12.99 from

Kit Power Bank with microSD card reader review

Kit Powerbank chargeThe Power Bank charges your smartphone wherever you are. and is perfect for keeping handy at all times for when you find yourself low on power.

Kit Powerbank sdThe rechargeable, large capacity, portable battery features a long standby time allowing you to keep handy for emergencies and you can keep it scratch-free thanks to its velour travel pouch.

Kit Powerbank chargingThe built-in micro USB cable fits a wide variety of smartphones, whilst the additional USB output means you can attach your own charging cables to charge your other portable devices.

Kit Powerbank microSDThis universal power bank also features a built-in micro SD card reader that allows you to attach your microSD card for use with a PC or Mac to

The power bank has a capacity of 4500mAh and so will keep your portable tech juiced up and, with the added bonus of a microSD card reader, it’s a great 2-in-1 device.

The Kit Power Bank with microSD card reader is yours for £29.99 from

Kit Power Banks conclusion

Kit Powerbank and Keyring powerbank cablesKit appears to have a Power Bank for every occasion. The pair here really do demonstrate how versatile these bits of tech can be.

There is truly no reason for you to be without a charged phone or tablet now.