Kindle 2 Officially Released – Nothing for UK


Kindle 2, son of Kindle, has been unveiled at the press conference held at the Morgan Library and Museum, New York.

Like its predecessor the Kindle 2 features wireless downloading of ebooks over mobile-phone networks, but now has increased storage – enough storage to save 1,500 entire books in fact.

A complete book should take less than 60 seconds to be piped wirelessly into it.

It’s also got a 152mm (6 inch) screen with a 600×800-pixel resolution, weighs 289g, and measures a tiny 9mm thick.

The battery should get you through about two weeks worth of reading.

The new Kindle also will read your books aloud, should you need it to.

At the moment, the Kindle 2 is available in the US only (BooooooO!) and costs $360 (£240) – as we all already knew 😉

When asked about a UK release, an Amazon spokesperson said that “at this time we have no announcement to make”.

If I hear any differently I’ll let you know.