KILLSPENCER Parachute Bag – Lightweight US Air Force Issue Festival Bag

KILLSPENCER Parachute Bag OrangeLooking for an ultra-lightweight yet strong secondary bag that will take up no room in your festival backpak? You need to check out the KILLSPENCER Parachute Bag.

If you’re rocking a lightweight rucksack such as the reasonably priced Terra Nova Quasar then your day bag should be equally clever.

It’s never too soon to start planning on what to pack for the summer festival season. Where you try to save weight on what you’re packing so you can carry more booze you will generally find that you need to drag a bag around with you all day to save you going back to the tent during the day.

The KILLSPENCER Parachute Bag is not only cool looking it weighs hardly anything and will be able to endure the most muddy festivals and energetic mosh pits as it’s built from US Air Force parachutes!

The Parachute Bags measure 12.5-inches x 20-inches and are available in olive, tan, orange, and white. They are not only ideal for the festival season but handy to keep in a pocket or sports bag.

Super lightweight and made from repurposed U.S. Air Force issue Pilot BA-22 Parachutes, these handy bags are tear resilient and come with a leather detailed drawstring. Being environmentally conscious and trying to limit wasted materials, KILLSPENCER uses parachutes that are taken out of Air Force personal parachute systems and ejection seats. They then use precision cuts to ensure that all the material is useable.

The KILLSPENCER Parachute Bag costs $45.

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