Kenwood Hibachi For Warm Glowing Tunes

If you’re looking for a little more Zen with your listening and would like the choonz  to enable you to “transcend to a different plane” how about “a fully wireless speaker whose rotund shape defines its independence”?

Say “Hajimemashite” to the Kenwood Hibachi.

This round planter shaped cordleses speaker is designed to be at the heart of your living space.

With strong references to the Japanese foyer as the “warmest place at home” (Hibachi is also a warming plate in Japanese cooking), the speaker comes with a transmitter that hooks onto your audio source and has a 30-meter range.

It features an ambient light that can be set to glow at an intensity suiting your mood and is customisable.

This light is also a charging indicator, that lets you know when the speaker is fully recharged – then it’ll play for a full day.

You can even take it outside to help you meditate or play Parilament Funkadelic at your BBQ party!