Kensington iPhone / iPod Dock Comes With Extra Battery Life

Kensington Charging DockYeah, another iPhone / iPod dock – but this one is a tad more sensible than the last one on here!

Ok – it will only charge one device at a time but it will also charge the bundled battery pack at the same time 🙂

Kensington‘s cryptically titled ‘Kensington Charging Dock with Mini Battery Pack‘ will keep everyone guessing what it does.

Perhaps not.

But it does come with its own mini battery that charges next to your iPhone/iPod – that little power cell is said to give an extra 30 hours of music or 6 hours of video on an 3rd generation iPod Nano, and an extra 3 hours of talk time on an iPhone.

So, it’s nothing to get moist about but at $70 you get a dock and an emergency 3 hours chat on your iPhone.

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