KEF MUO Bluetooth speaker – a mini Muon?

kef muo speakersKEF has just announced their new and colourful wireless Bluetooth speakers – called MUO.

The new MUO speakers combine a pretty cool-looking industrial design with, according to KEF, precision engineering and class-leading sound performance.

The MUO, which costs £299, have been created by KEF in collaboration with award-winning designer Ross Lovegrove.

This should appear quite the bargain considering that their last get-together resulted in the Muon loudspeakers – a high-end luxury product costing £140,000 per pair.

KEF engineers worked with Lovegrove to create an extremely strong molded internal enclosure to house MUO’s drivers, digital-to analogue converter (DAC), and the rest of the internal components.

kef muo speaker detailThis is all then wrapped up in an outer shell of extruded aluminium, with soft rubber feet positioned so that the MUO can be placed at the correct angle for desktop use.

You can synchronise a pair of MUOs, to stream stereo sound via Bluetooth aptX. Alternatively, when you want to place them far apart – at a party for example – simply select the ‘Dual Connect’ party mode to replicate the same full-range response in both speakers, so that everybody gets the full benefit of the music you’re playing.

As well as offering Bluetooth connectivity, a non-Bluetooth wired connection is also straightforward thanks to a 3.5mm Aux input. Most Android devices will also connect to MUO via its NFC ‘Tap-to-Pair’ function: simply hold the device against MUO’s surface and they’ll be paired and ready to stream in seconds.

The MUO is available in five finishes: horizon gold, storm grey, light silver, neptune blue and sunset orange.