KEF LSX wireless music system revealed

KEF LSX wireless speaker music system released.

We are excited to finally be able to share the news with about the new KEF LSX – a fully wireless stereo music system. We were at the unveiling of the KEF LSX compact two-speaker wireless music system at an exclusive event held in central London. Even though the situation was far from perfect, the LSX both looked and sounded impressive.

KEF LSX speakers


The LSX builds upon the success of the LS50 Wireless. KEF sees the new, compact wireless speakers as part of their continued development of cutting-edge technologies and innovative, high-performance audio products.

Naturally, the speakers feature KEF’s Uni-Q driver array, a 4-inch version is found here in each speaker. Additionally, there is KEF’s highly advanced Music Integrity Engine (MIE). MIE is a cutting-edge collection of bespoke Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms that ensure accurate time alignment and phase coherence.

LSX – totally wireless

KEF LSX white front and back

LSX is totally wireless both from source and between the speakers. Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) and Bluetooth 4.2 with Qualcomm’s aptX codec enable streaming from Spotify, Apple Music (via AirPlay 2, coming in the new year) and Tidal.

With Spotify Connect built in, you get access to the entire library directly from the cloud.

Furthermore, LSX is DLNA compliant and boasts TOSLINK Optical and Auxiliary connections making it ideal for use with TV. Finally, setting-up is taken care of in a few minutes thanks to KEF’s Control app, which also manages firmware updates as they become available.

LSX – packing tech

The new LSX sports four Class-D amplifiers (2 x 30W + 2 x 70W), one for each of the drive units. Also under the hood are dedicated twin DACs providing a pristine signal path of up to 96kHz/24bit (using an Etherner connection between the two speakers). Alternatively, if you go totally wire-free, you’ll get 48kHz/24bit.

The gently curved cabinets of the LSX employs extensive use of elements reserved for KEF’s high-end products. For example, you’ll find constrained layer damping, as well as the use of Finite Element Analysis.

LSX – design

KEF LSX colours

The speakers are cosseted in luxury fabric by Danish textile maker, Kvadrat. The overall design was overlooked by Michael Young who’s signature is found emblazoned on the fronts of the LSX. 

The LSX is available in five colours – Black, Blue, Maroon, and Olive. There is also a striking Gloss White option.

Availability and price

The KEF LSX is available now exclusively from Selfridges for £999.