KEF LS50 Black Edition 5 year anniversary model

KEF LS50 Black EditionFive years since the launch of the anniversary model LS50, KEF has just launched a special LS50 Black Edition.

If the limited edition LS50 Nocturne is too extravigent for you, the LS50 Black Edition might well be perfect for you.

Following on from the R700 Black Edition, the new stealthy LS50 follows Henry Ford’s pallet.

KEF LS50 Black Edition

KEF LS50 Black EditionThe new loudspeakers feature the highly acclaimed Uni-Q driver array. Naturally, these are black and set in a matt black cabinet coated with metallic powder.

Furthermore, the LS50 Black Edition sports a special plaque featuring a unique serial number for each pair of speakers.

KEF LS50 Black EditionEach pair also features a unique Black Edition trim ring and black Chrome plated terminals. I am sure that all of this will make quite a large impact, especially when you consider the speaker’s bookshelf-friendly size.


Created to extend the LS50 range, this new Black Edition also contains all the same acoustic end engineering innovations found in the standard finish LS50.

So, you can guarantee a top-class musical performance to complement the visual appeal. This is a range that four years ago won gushing praise, and swept the Product of the Year awards across highly respected media brands such as What Hi-Fi? and Stereophile, among many others.

Price and availability

You can add the KEF LS50 Black Edition to your system right now. A pair of speakers carry a suggested retail price of £800.

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