KEF has laid a wireless EGG

kef egg wirelessKEF has just announced the launch of the EGG Wireless Digital Music System, designed to provide the 21st century music consumer with the perfect blend of functionality, quality as well as a nod to the iconic egg speaker design.

The new KEF EGG offers the choice of both Bluetooth aptX functionality and high-resolution music compatibility via USB and so should satisfy the needs of music lovers.

KEF’s world-famous Uni-Q driver array is featured here in its latest and most evolved form, designed to deliver the perfect point source while also dispersing sound more widely and evenly than is possible with conventional speakers.

To preserve the fine detail of the original performance, the tweeter is internally vented to prevent potentially distorting high pressures from building up behind the dome in the critical vocal region.

The dome geometry is optimised to avoid disrupting the waveform for a smoother and strikingly natural-sounding HF response.

This should add up to creating a system that’s particularly great  for close listening such as a desktop setting, where the Uni-Q drivers ensure you hear a precise and detailed sound even when sitting close to the speakers.

kef desktopThe KEF EGG promises to be a complete, ‘plug-and-play’ package, with built-in amplification and DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter).

The system will play nice with your high res music collection thanks to the built-in digital 96kHz/24-bit USB input.

KEF says that their EGG

…offers a level of accurate stereo separation, with a wide and intricately detailed soundstage, that most contemporary audio products cannot begin to emulate.”

I’d like to have a listen and decide for myself.kef egg coloursThe KEF EGG wireless system is available now in a choice of three contemporary finishes: Gloss Black, Pure White and Frosted Blue and they’re priced at £349.95 from KEF.