Keeping Your Laptop Cool – Fan-tastic!

Laptop CoolersThe days are going to get warmer, no.  Really! 

So obviously you’re going to wear the appropriate clothing to keep cool – but what about that lovely laptop of yours?

It will be slaving away to do your bidding and generating heat – I for one don’t want to witness my pride and joy melting before my eyes as I play ‘Team Fortress’ or get half way through recording a new grind-core track.

A lot of the fans on the market are a tad dull but these a very different.

Each Futura fan and stand is custom made from one of eight colour choices, and is printed with UV cured ink to keep it looking as good as new.

They even promise the possibility of custom printing somewhere down the line.

It all folds away so that it will be as portable as your laptop – well, probably more so if your lappy is anything like mine ;0,

$49.95 from LaptopDesk  via Shiny Shiny