Kalium Sound Heroes – Bluetooth speaker statues pack LEDs, smoke machines

Kalium Sound Heroes BlueLooking for a Bluetooth speaker that offers something different? Kalium Sound Heroes might be right up your ally.

These multi-functional devices come in the form of futuristic humanoid characters.

They also happen to pack “state-of-the-art sound and light technology”.

If you already collect super hero figurines, or have a modern office set-up, then this statuette could well make an intetesting talking point.

Kalium Sound Heroes

The star, Kalium Sound Heroes character, Ad’OM, promises to bring an otherworldly ambience wherever he is present.

[youtube id=”zSjZQPu1uuM”]

At two and a half feet tall and sporting a polygonal shape and metallic finish, he stands alone as an archetype of ultramodern décor.

Sound Hero features

This interesting bit of modern sculpture is loaded with plenty of tech.

Kalium SoundHeroesStarting with a 30 watt treble speaker, and a dock with an active 30 watt subwoofer. It also brings a Wi-Fi range extender and wireless charging for smartphones and other devices.

Even I am impressed with that little lot.

Lights. Sound. Action!

In addition to the audio abilities of the statue, there’s also lighting and more.

Kalium Sound Heroes AppThe LED ambient lighting offers 16 million colour variations. These can be customised according to the music that is played using the Kalium Sound Heroes app.

Sound HeroesSome options include a pulsating visual map that interacts with the music and a strobe light setting.

Not only can the app be used to control the dock light, it can also access the voice synthesiser.

Kalium Sound Heroes greenOh, it also has an in-built smoke machine!

Kalium Sound Heroes price and availability

You can grab your own Sound Hero but visiting the Indiegogo page.

Prices start at $100 (US) for the Ad’Om Prime version. The campaign was fully funded within 4 minutes.

Estimated delivery is October 2017.