Kai turns your specs in to smart glasses

Glimpse Kai Smart GlassesGlimpse has developed Kai that has the skills to transform your regular spectacles into smart glasses.

Kai is a nifty bit of hardware that is designed to seat behind your ear.

Attaching to the end of your glasses’ arm, the kit enables you to access a smart voice interface.

Using a companion smartphone application the hardware can allow you to make calls, text search and even request a Uber pickup without the need to handle your smartphone. So, more like a specs-version of Alexa than a Google Glass affair.

glimpse kai functionsBeing positioned behind the ear, the smart device utilises bone conduction speakers we’ve seen on a variety of headsets.

The voice functions are powered by the Houndify AI (artifical intelligence). This does mean you will have to say “OK Hound” before your instructions 😉

Kai Kickstarter

Glimpse has launched their smart wearable this week via Kickstarter.

They are looking to raise just over $55,000 in the next 40 days or so. This should see them take the hardware into production.

If you’re digging the idea, make a pledge for $130 (super earlybird). They’ll even bundle in some ‘clear glasses’ so that you can get your hipster on.

Shipping of the wearable tech is expected to take place during August 2017.