K20D – Pentax Gets Serious

Pentax have definitely stepped up to the mark in no uncertain terms!

The all new K20D is much more than a mere step up from the K10. Gird your loins lens monkeys!! It’s time to get dirty.

Lets start with the obscene 15.1-meg CMOS sensor, add in the increasingly popular Live View, mix it up with an 11 point auto-focus, sprinkle in ISO up to 1600 and bake it with a 2.7-inch screen.

It’s certainly waded in there amongst the new offerings from Canon and Nikon dontcha think?

Cost-wise, bring the pain! The body costs a knee weakening £899 or a penny shy of a grand if you snaffle the 18.5mm lens too.

It’s yours from March, but if this is going to be the taste of things to come – wait for replies from the big boys!