JVC Release Their Skinny 3D TV: JVC GD-463D10

jvc-gd-463d10JVC has just disclosed their 46 inch 3D TV.

Ok, so it’s not as bit as the Mitsubishi 737 monster but it is less than three inches at its thickest point!

The JVC GD-463D10 LCD TV is fully HD and 3D ready with a 1080p screen.

What gets me is the fact that at its fattest it’s still a catwalk model 75mm and goes down from there to a ‘get some pies in ya skinny!’ 39mm.

You still have to sport some funky specs that are supplied to get the full multi-dimensional effect but the clever JVC can massage your peepers via two different 3D display methods: Line-by-line and side-by-side. Both methods display left and right pictures simultaneously so you won’t notice any flicker.

At the moment, the JVC 3D HDTV is aimed at businesses but I expect more 3D sets cropping up as this looks to be the thin edge of the size versus thickness wars in the 3D TV home invasion.